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Exclusive Training Partnership with Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) for USMLE Exam Preparation Course

  • Thursday, July 6, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between TestRight and Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) in providing an exclusive USMLE Exam Preparation Course. This collaboration aims to empower medical students and practitioners, irrespective of their alma mater, to conquer Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE exam.

Under the visionary leadership of Engineer Ahmed Fakher, Founder and CEO of TestRight, a cooperative agreement has been signed with Dr. Ashraf Haidar, President of MUST, solidifying our shared commitment to supporting aspiring medical professionals in achieving their career goals.

The USMLE Exam Preparation Course offered through this partnership will encompass comprehensive study materials, expert guidance, and cutting-edge resources tailored to the unique requirements of the USMLE exam. Our mission is to ensure that all participants, regardless of their medical school background, are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in these crucial examination steps.

We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will create for medical students and practitioners in their pursuit of success in the USMLE exams. Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to embark on this transformative educational journey together with MUST.

For further details and registration information, please contact us at TestRight. Together, let's take your medical career to new heights!