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TestRight Partners with Lecturio, a Leading E-Learning Platform, to Expand Medical and Nursing Education in Egypt and the Middle East

  • Tuesday, July 4, 2023

We are excited to announce our partnership with Lecturio, a leading e-learning platform, to broaden access to high-quality medical and nursing education in Egypt and the Middle East. Through this collaboration, TestRight and Lecturio join forces to provide comprehensive online courses and resources to learners in the region.

Lecturio is renowned for its exceptional e-learning platform, offering a diverse range of medical and nursing courses. With Lecturio's extensive library of educational content, including USMLE exam preparation and nursing courses, learners can access engaging video lectures, study materials, and interactive tools that enhance their learning experience.

By teaming up with Lecturio, TestRight aims to make top-tier medical and nursing education more accessible to individuals across Egypt and the Middle East. Whether you are a medical student preparing for USMLE exams or a nurse seeking to advance your knowledge and skills, Lecturio's e-learning platform caters to your specific learning needs.

Through TestRight's extensive network and expertise, we facilitate seamless access to Lecturio's robust e-learning resources for educational institutions, medical professionals, and individual learners throughout the region. Our collective goal is to empower learners with the knowledge and competencies required to excel in the medical and nursing fields.

Discover the wide array of medical and nursing courses offered by Lecturio and learn how TestRight can support you in accessing these valuable e-learning resources. Please contact us or drop us an email to connect with our team of experts, who are ready to guide you on your educational journey and help you unlock your full potential in the medical and nursing domains.